Women’s Norm

Countless times, and mind you, bit tiring to answer the question: “May anak ka na?” (Do you have a child?) Sometimes, I just smile and shake my head. Other times when my “maldita” mode is on, my answer would vary from “Wala, under construction matres ko!” (none, my ovaries are under construction!) or “Marami, imaginary lahat.” (A lot! but all are imaginary.) And those type of question will not end there; there is the always follow-up question – “Pero may asawa ka?” (But you have a husband, right?) which at my given status, I refuse to answer.

I am just wondering if the highest achievement of a being woman should be really bearing a child and giving birth? Can’t it be other than that? It can, right?

Society may have dictated what should be the norm, but we do have our own freewill to do what we think is right for ourselves, for our own bodies. We are the ruler of our own personal space as to what we can do about it as long as we are not hurting anyone or anything that surrounds us. It is just tiring to answer nonsense questions from people who thinks they have figured out what really life is all about. Please bear in mind that what might work for you, might not work for me and vice versa. So please, mind your own business.






A Tale of Love

Amidst the issue involving a I-Don’t-Know-Where-His-Brain-Is Senator Tito Sotto regarding his untoward remarks to DSWD appointee Secretary Judy Taguiwalo during the Commission on Appointment’s hearing today, March 3, 2017, saying the later as “na-ano lang” because of being a single parent. (see transcript below)


Conversation between Sen. Tito Sotto and DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo

One thing I realized, I was lucky and proud to be raised by a single parent. 

Zenaida Martinez, my mom

My mother, Zenaida Martinez, who everyone fondly calls as Aida raised us – my ate and I – as a fish vendor from sunrise to sunset. As a kid, she never failed to give us what we need and sometimes do splurge on what we want if budget permits. She raised us all by herself and sent us to private schools because she believed that by sending us to to good and reputable schools would help us to be a well-rounded individuals. I am a proud Thomasian (UST Graduate, 2004) and my ate is a proud Iska (UP Graduate, 2000).

My mother was a single mom because my father is both a coward and a cheater, he left us to be with another woman and did not bother to check on us and provide for us. My mother shouldered both responsibilities of being a mother and father. With all my mother’s sacrifices, and so-called joke na “na-ano lang” because a person does not have a husband or a wife is not a joke at all. Raising another individual alone is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of effort and a lot of sacrifices for a single parent to provide for his/her kid/s.

So to you our so-called Senator Tito Sotto, learn how to distinguish between a good and a bad joke, you are not in a noon time show where you aim to give laughter to your audience, you are in a senate committee hearing making a decision for the whole country so do you job properly! What you said earlier is not a laughing matter. Being a single parent was not an easy choice for any individual. And your line of reasoning in one of you interviews after the incident that if “we” are offended, it was not your intention at all, that was BS!

I just pray that you and your big mouth would learn how to shut up.

The Fulfilled Life

Have you ever wondered what a Fulfilled Life should be? How it would affect you and everybody around you? After all, we are humans. Our DNA is to feel what is life and to experience what life is all about.

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Parked Pen

It has been a while since I wrote something, anything actually to be exact. I guess I’ve been very busy lately with my career that I did neglect some of the things that keep me sane and that is writing! This is my venue to vent out, share my thoughts about anything. It is a way of expressing myself. I guess a promise of 1 post a week will do until I get it back as a habit… 🙂

The Big 3-0

October 15 – sets another milestone in my life.

They say, as you get older, you get wiser. Maybe yes, maybe not. But in my case, I would say I try to be wiser in most cases, but I can still make some stupid mistakes in life, after all I am not perfect to begin with. So far, in my 30 years of existence, what I know is that life is a constant learning. As the song goes – You live, You learn!

And as another page in my life turns, I am looking forward to all the adventures and misadventures that it will cast upon me. Embracing each challenge with open heart and mind.

Hoorray for being 30!


noun [ˌkɒntɛmˈpleɪʃən -təm-]

1. thoughtful or long consideration or observation
2. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) spiritual meditation esp (in Christian religious practice) concentration of the mind and soul upon God Compare meditation
3. purpose or intention
I am contemplating on what happened in my life; not that I regret any of my doings, but just checking my progress in this so called – LIFE. 
Just a thought to ponder… nothing much



The sooner, the better!

I promise this to myself. Since writing – had kept me sane in the past – I need to rekindle my relationship with my pen and paper…so much to say in the modern times, to my BLOG.

Thank You 2011, Looking Forward 2012

I’m looking forward with 2012.

So far, it has been good to me. So good that it looks so surreal to me. Who am I to say ‘no’ to these wonderful blessings. But before I start counting my 2012 blessings, I would like to count first my 2011 Blessings:

(not in random order) I am THANKFUL FOR:

– my family, who is always there no matter what
– my friends, always dependable on all times!
– my previous company for hiring me when no one does due to some labor case I filled! hehehe and for allowing me to grow as an employee
– the people I met during my stay in my previous company, for making my stay fun and worthwhile